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Scams Artists & Fraudsters

Welcome to 2021, where scams and fraud are nothing new... But how can it hurt you as a homeowner?

Tenants can be Scam Artists.

In some instances, tenants may in fact be the victim. When it comes to fake craigslist rental listings, tenants are the ones who are getting scammed by sending their hard earned money to a con-man posing as a landlord.

On the Flip-Side, Homeowners or Landlords can be at risk too, and sometimes it is the tenant who is playing the role of the con-man. You may have a renter posing as a perfect tenant, and on paper they look great; No evictions, steady income, and plenty of reviews and references. When screening your future tenant, what checks do you make to ensure those pay stubs are forged? How do you ensure the phone number of their former landlord is in fact the landlord and not a friend or family member posing as such. The truth is, most home owners simply don't have the resources to properly screen each tenant. That is why you call us!

You name it, We've Seen it.

Nearly everyone you talk to about being a Landlord has probably told you a horror story or two. From turning your rental into a Grow House or the latest, taking advantage of the current COVID-19 epidemic. We've seen it all.

At Reliable Property Management, we have important screening measures in place to ensure we know exactly who is signing the lease and moving into your investment. You don't have to worry about rental scams and you don't have to worry about terrible tenants.

We pay attention, we listen and we build relationships with the people we place in your properties. Strong client relationships along with consistent and systematic screening process' mean you won't be falling victim to rental scams or tenant fraud.


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